What is CBD Shatter?

CBD is taking the world by storm, even if it’s a relatively new compound rapidly unveiling its benefits.
With just a few months on the right side of legislation, CBD has become available in several products. And with several options available for vaporization, CBD has wide options vapers can enjoy.
Among these choices that can be vaped, CBD shatter is a preferred pick.
But what is CBD shatter?
In this post, you’ll get relevant information on what this CBD form is and how best to use it. When you’re done, it’s a sure thing you’ll leverage CBD shatter for several uses without hassle.

What is CBD Shatter?

CBD shatter is hemp extract in a crystallized form. In other words, CBD shatter can be regarded as an isolate with some tweaks to its composition. Most CBD shatter comes from common CO2 extraction processes and usually comes with very low impurities.
Unlike other isolates that come in powder or wax, CBD shatter goes through a slightly different process.
After going through extensive extraction, CBD shatter is allowed to remain in a secluded space. Most times, light or heat can’t get to where shatter is kept for setting. The resulting extract is usually shinier, more crystalline, and looks similar to CBD wax.
Also, shatter happens to be purer than some CBD forms based on its extensive purification and curing process.
Now to the interesting part where shatter looks a little different from CBD isolates.
Custom shatters are now appearing in stores based on the massive demand for variety. Buyers can now get access to THC shatter for added psychoactive effects. With some shatters containing up to 80% pure THC, you need to be cautious when placing orders.
But if you can’t tolerate THC based on its hyper effects, CBD shatter is a safer option.
CBD shatter is a go-to option for some pro vapers and health-conscious individuals. It still comes with the anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects of other CBD products.
Most buyers keen on getting anti-anxiety and depression meds direct to their system usually opt for shatter.

How to Use CBD Shatter

CBD shatter has an isolate form, which makes its effects dissipate quickly during consumption. But users can leverage CBD shatter to get most of its composition before it dissipates. Check out the two main methods of using CBD shatter below;

Dabbing is an effective way to get more from CBD shatter. But to max out dabbing, you will need extra investment to get all required equipment.
If you need to dab CBD shatter right, you’re going to need a;

  • Carb cap dabber – for ensuring the shatter goes safely onto the nail
  • Dab mat – provides stability to the dab rig
  • Dab rig – where the shatter vapor comes out of
  • Nail – the shatter goes in here
  • Torch – for heating the nail

Steps for Dabbing CBD Shatter

  • Turn on your torch and aim at the nail to heat it up
  • Nail should turn red (for manual options). Electronic nails could heat up automatically
  • When the nail retains enough heat, place carb cap dabber on its tip
  • Let the nail cool for about 40 ~ 50 seconds.
  • Take CBD shatter and put on the nail
  • Inhale vaporized CBD from the bong-like mouthpiece

Relatively cost-effective, and needing less equipment to carry out, vaping is another efficient way to enjoy CBD shatter. Check out your preferred vape engine and make sure it can process shatter without hassle. Follow this process afterwards;

Steps for Dabbing CBD Shatter

  • Put shatter in the vape chamber
  • Turn on vaporizer until it heats up
  • Inhale CBD shatter through its mouthpiece

As you can see, in three simple steps, using CBD shatter through a vaporizer is comfortable.
Aside from these steps above, CBD shatter can also be incorporated into an oil of your choosing for topical purposes.
Consuming shatters through vaporization is still preferred, based on its prevention of ingesting harmful carcinogens. It is also a preferred option for people keen on getting a fast ‘entourage effect’ from high cannabinoid strains.

Final Words

Dabbing may seem too cumbersome for some users. If that’s the case, there are other ways to enjoy CBD shatter. Some users prefer adding shatter to beverages and food. And it won’t be odd to see someone having a go at shatter without any additives.
CBD shatter is an excellent way to get high concentrations of the hemp extract. It is a better choice for some users, even over crystallized isolates and other forms.
Shatters usually contain terpenes, giving it one over CBD isolates. And with terpenes present in your shatter, you can be sure of an unexpected effect every time!
Undoubtedly, questions like what is CBD shatter won’t faze you after the massive info this post provides.

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