How to Make Vape Juice from CBD Isolate

Being a DIY person transcends several aspects and makes getting stuff done more comfortable. And when how to make vape juice from CBD isolate is in play, you can be a DIY-enthusiast with ease!
In this post, you’ll get access to relevant information geared towards helping you make vape juice.
Everything from ingredients to best practices and tips are in this piece. Undoubtedly, you’ll have more info to whip up subsequent vape juices without hassle!

What is Vape Juice Made From?

Making vape juices can be achieved with a few ingredients. Some add-ons like propylene glycol, MCT oil, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring.

Non-oil and food-based flavoring is ideal for making vape juice. Flavors diluted in oils have damaging effects on users’ respiration so powder or liquid options are ideal for inhalation.

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil
Oils derived from natural sources like palms and coconuts. These oils are safe for consumption and are widely in use by vape juice makers.

A set of natural flavors and aromas present in the hemp plant are referred to as terpenes. Terpenes accelerate the effects of aromatherapy, making it a top choice for use in vaping juices.
Other ingredients include;

  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Propylene glycol

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD is a pure cannabinoid in its highest concentration. It is a major component of the hemp plant that has several health benefits for users. During filtration, terpenes, waxes, and a host of other cannabinoids are removed from the mix.
Most CBD isolates come with 99% purity and no psychoactive compounds. Extensive purification of the hemp plant removes all its other components except CBD. The end result of an isolation process is in powdered or crystalline form.
Broad spectrum CBD is the closest form of hemp extract when it comes to purity. Most products made with broad-spectrum CBD offer benefits of isolates and select cannabinoids.
In most compositions, broad-spectrum CBD doesn’t have THC greater than 0.03%. The same THC content is the threshold for largely organic, full-spectrum CBD.
Isolates have a purer form some users rely on for their CBD needs. Since it contains no THC, there’s no chance of getting high from consuming isolates.
CBD isolates are available in several forms in online and brick-and-mortar stores. Consider getting your isolates from a certified source to leverage all its benefits.

Can You Put CBD Oil in a Vape?

CBD oil isn’t safe for use in vaping containers. The liquid used in making CBD oil makes it unsuitable for vaporization. Severe lung problems could arise with regular use of CBD oils for vaping.
CBD oil is an extract from hemp that’s diluted with a carrier oil that can be ingested.
In most cases, hempseed and coconut oil are preferred carriers for merging CBD oil. The process of merging CBD with carrier oils makes absorption more comfortable. Also, it does more to make the taste of CBD oils more appealing.
Ingesting CBD oil through vaping can result in deposits sticking all over the lungs. Respiratory issues could develop and cause a drop in users’ quality of life. That’s why no CBD product for vaping needs oil in its makeup.
Most CBD vape juices are made entirely from crystallized or powder extracts and other liquids. In most cases, CBD shatters made from isolates are major ingredients used in composing vape juices.
If you need to make vape juices from scratch, you rarely need more than a handful of ingredients. And with these simple ingredients, you can get your vape juice put together at home without hassle.

How to Make Vape Juice From CBD Isolate

  • 0.5g of CBD isolate
  • ~15ml of propylene glycol
  • ~12ml of vegetable glycerin
  • ~3ml of flavoring
  • Vape juice container
  • Syringe (blunt tip)
  • Triple-digit measuring container

Step-by-Step Guide

Add propylene glycol to a container
Ensure your vape container is either new or clean before adding propylene glycol. Use a syringe to measure 15ml of the solution.
When you’re preparing a 50/50 mix, this quantity should be fine. But you can increase the propylene glycol composition for improved flavor retention.

Add CBD isolate
Take 500mg of CBD isolate and add to the container with propylene glycol measured in. If the CBD isolate is in a crystal form, use a pestle to crush it into powder. Consider a careful approach when adding the powder and seal it with a tight cover afterwards.

Mix isolate and propylene glycol together
Vigorously shake the container for a perfect mixture of your isolate and propylene glycol. To ensure the CBD isolate dissolves properly, continue shaking for a minute and a half.
After mixing, inspect the result to discover if any molds have formed. If you notice any molds, shake until an entire liquid consistency is achieved.

Add vegetable glycerin
Take a syringe and draw out about 12ml of vegetable glycerin. Add the vegetable glycerin to your isolate and propylene glycol mix.
Vegetable glycerin produces the thick smoke vaping emits. Ensure you add the right amount to avoid getting too little or too much smoke. Also, consider mixing the vegetable glycerin properly to incorporate it nicely.

Include flavor
Add 3ml ~ 4ml of any flavoring you desire to the entire mix. Allow the flavor seep in to ensure it gets to a desired level of concentration.

Fill vape tank with mixture
Transfer mixture into your vape tank and close tightly. It is ideal to store this mix in a cool space that’s shielded from sunlight. A refrigerator or chiller is ideal for extending your vape juice’s life.

Final Words

As you’ve seen above, knowing how to make vape juice from CBD isolate doesn’t come any easier.
With the straightforward steps above, you can become a pro vape juice maker in no time. Get the tools required and set out to make custom vape juice for your convenience.
And since you can get most of the items without hassle, making your own vape juice is less hassling!

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