Does CBD Oil Expire?

Does CBD oil expire?
That’s a popular question several users of the hemp extract are not decided on yet. But to close off the argument, this post comes with information on all you need to know about CBD’s shelf-life.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

CBD oils across brands usually last within 12months ~ 24months. Sometimes, a product’s storage determines how long it will last.
Sunlight and heat are the major culprits responsible for CBD oils expiring way before their shelf-life should run out. Products with extensive processing usually last longer, and in some cases, more natural options remain safe for long periods too.
CBD oils with flavors may not last as long as options without flavors. Added flavors may have a limited shelf-life that could taint the CBD’s quality in shorter time.
Also, the process used in making CBD oil plays a role in how long it lasts. The CO2 extraction method has several perks for efficacious production. Also, producers say this process makes CBD oils stay longer than other extraction methods.
But to make it easy for buyers, standard CBD products should come with a ‘Best Before’ date on its packaging. It is a requirement all CBD products have to fulfill. So, if you see a product without an expiry date, it’s better to avoid such products without blinking.

Does CBD Oil Go Bad?

CBD oil could go bad, and sometimes, well before its slated expiration date.
Expired CBD oils don’t have the potency of products within their shelf life. Most expired CBD oils have lost their cannabinoid effect and can’t work at the same level with newer batches.
So, if you’re planning to get pain relief, anti-inflammation, and other effects, expired oil may not do you any good.
If you want to know when your CBD oil has gone sour, it will have a marked aroma and flavor difference. And if you’re using full-spectrum CBD, it could become skunk-y real quick.
Also, your CBD oil way past its shelf-life will have a texture difference from products within their best date range. The oil may change in its physical properties a bit, and become cloudy in appearance.
And when your CBD oil becomes thicker, it’s a clear indication of it being way past its prime.
Expired CBD oil doesn’t have a bad taste like other fat-based products, meaning consuming small amounts may not affect you. If you are a micro-dose pro, expired CBD may have no effects at all.
But it is essential to remain as safe as possible, even when these oils may not have obvious adverse effects. CBD oils are relatively new products, meaning you should be cautious with consumption, particularly ingestion.

How Can I Make CBD Oil Last Longer?

Keeping CBD oil fresh for longer can be totally up to you in some cases. Here’s what to do when you need to ensure your CBD oil lasts for its stipulated consumption period;

  • CBD oils do better in areas that are cool and away from harsh light. Consider keeping CBD oils in dark spaces that are free from excess light in any form. Bright light can speed up differences in your oil’s quality. So, think about placing your CBD oil in a drawer, cellar, or in a closet with the lights off.
  • Don’t store oils in a horizontal position. Keep them vertically, with the lid part facing upward.
  • Ensure you open your bottle of CBD oil only when you need to use it. After opening your bottle of CBD oil, make sure its cap is tightly closed afterwards. Allowing too much air into your bottle of oil will negatively affect its shelf-life.
  • Excess moisture directly interferes with your CBD oils’ quality. Mold could form in spaces where a humidifier is present. Keep your CBD oil in a dry, less-humid space.
  • Keep bottles of the original product, that is, don’t switch oils from the bottles they came with
  • Keep CBD oils away from areas where there’s a lot of warmth. Ovens, radiators, and the like are not great places to store your CBD oils.
  • Rays from the sun can bring your CBD oils’ expiration date forward. That’s why you need to keep your CBD oils away from a window or area where sunlight can reach.
  • Use clean utensils to measure your CBD. Bacteria capable of tainting your CBD’s quality could come with dirty spoons and droppers.

Final Words

Some users may ask – Does CBD oil expire? In most cases, they’ve had some unused bottles lying around for some time.
Several oils go into how CBD oils last longer. And in some brands, CBD oils could remain ideal for consumption over a longer period.

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