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Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats - 2000mg


Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats – 2000mg

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Premium Hemp Extract – Anxiety Relief for Dogs – Grown & Made in USA – Omega 3, 6 & 9 – Supports Hip & Joint Health – Natural Relief for Pain



Product Description


Our stress-relieving formula packs 2000mg of hemp extract per serving. It works by keeping your dog behaved and calm, especially when they get exposed to troubling situations, such as going on long car rides, being left alone in the house or exposure to loud noises. By administering our liquid drops to your canine or feline friend, you are reassuring them that everything is under control and they will be all right.



Just like us, humans, our furry friends can also feel nervous and tense when they face stressful situations, such as a trip to the vet, a visit to the local dog park, kennelling, or hearing loud sounds from thunder or fireworks. Whenever they feel stressed out, they can exhibit erratic behavior, such as continuous growling and barking, trembling, restlessness, pacing and chewing on your furniture.


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Don’t worry about having a difficult time feeding your dog or cat with our full-spectrum hemp extract. All you need to do is pour some drops over your pet’s food or directly in its mouth. The hemp oil used for our supplement is sourced from certified hemp manufacturers that follow the strictest standards.


Gluten-free dietary supplement is completely safe for dogs and cats of different breeds and sizes.

You can rest assured that our supplements are FREE from fillers, additives, preservatives and harmful chemicals that may affect your pet’s health or cause allergies.


Hemp oil is one of the richest sources of polyunsaturated fats such as omega-6 and omega-3. It also contains a fair amount of Vitamin E. But only about 30% of each seed is made of oil. Our oils are cold pressed for extraction as opposed to heated or using solvents to ensure that we retain and preserve the maximum amount of nutrients in the oil

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Does your furry friend seem like it has lost all interest in eating? Our hemp oil formula naturally restores your canine or feline friend’s appetite while providing relief from digestive discomforts, such as nausea, bloating and gas. Given its appetite-stimulating effects, this supplement is perfect for senior dogs and cats as they require complete nutrition from the food they eat in order to stay healthy at all times.


Your pet lives an active lifestyle as it constantly runs, jumps and plays around your house or park. This exposes their joints to everyday wear-and-tear that can eventually cause inflammation or pain. Our hemp extract formula is also infused with Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids that will provide relief from muscle spasms, as well as joint aches, pains and swelling, especially around the hips.


There are prescription medications that relieve stress and anxiety for dogs, but some of these can trigger side effects, such as rapid breathing, an unnatural increase in temperature or vomiting. Our dietary supplement reduces noticeable stress symptoms, including a poor appetite, constant pacing, tail-tucking, whimpering, fidgeting and destructive chewing, without causing side effects. It won’t make your dog feel sleepy, groggy or lethargic.

Our cold-pressed hemp oil solution eases away your pet’s fear and tension, giving you the peace of mind that they don’t easily get affected by stress and its numerous symptoms.


Does your dog experience bouts of seizures on a regular basis? This condition is manifested in a wide range of symptoms, from as mild as a small body twitch to as serious as a violent bout of uncontrollable shaking. It can be caused by an underlying health condition, electrolyte problems, vaccines and head injury, just to mention a few. Studies show that hemp oil can be particularly effective when it comes to managing seizures as it can help calm overactive neurons.

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Our stress-relieving formula packs 2000mg of hemp extract per serving. It works by keeping your dog behaved and calm, especially when they get exposed to troubling situations, such as going on long car rides, being left alone in the house or exposure to loud noises. By administering our liquid drops to your canine or feline friend, you are reassuring them that everything is under control and they will be all right.

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10 reviews for Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats – 2000mg

  1. Mike

    We have been using this on our 10 year old Mastiff now for about 8 weeks. She seems to be getting around better and sometimes acts like a puppy again.

  2. Elle

    We absolutely love this product. Our Yorkie has severe separation anxiety and tends to destroy things in the house when we leave. We use these drops whenever we expect to be out a long period of time. Our son takes 1/4 to 1/2 of a dropper. For the past three weeks his anxiety has been more controlled. It’s helped increase his appetite and he’s put on about a lb which is what his vet wanted him to gain. We administer his drops by dropper, cheerios, or his treats. We literally put it on everything!

  3. Patrick

    My oldest furkid was in pain the last week. I hate taking a chance on any prescribed medication from the vets as you never know what recalls or side effects are to come.This came just in time the morning of his 3rd rushed vet visit in 2 weeks .I gave him 1/3 dropper and it seems to help. Added with his new antibiotics he’s doing MUCH better.(I don’t understand why people say it doesn’t work,.. it does state in the listing dosage may vary.. as it would in us).. it’s only the second week with it and only giving a few days a week but I think it’s working.

  4. petlvraz

    I gave this oil to my aging dog (14) as she was limping and not herself. After two days of using the oil, she was so much better. On the third day she was back to herself of wagging her tail, jumping and lack of limping. Will continue to use this oil not only for her but my other aging dogs. Love it!!!!

  5. Nanf

    I’m fostering a feral dog who has severe anxiety. This product has helped tremendously. He’s calm and no longer trembles. H lets people approach him. Definitely recommend this product.

  6. Haute Mess

    Our much loved Kitty has non-operative tumours inside her skull. We thought we would try this oil to see if it helped her.I purchased it after searching for CBD Oil for pets. Obviously I wasn’t paying enough attention as I now realize the product is not what I thought it was. We have another cat that has seizures. CBD Oil is known to help animsls with seizures. We wanted to use this product as a supplement to his prescription anti-seizure medication. Amazon doesn’t currently sell CBD Oil, so I found some elsewhere, made a purchase for real CBD Oil. There is nothing wrong with this product except that I feel its being misrepresented here. It’s expensive non-CBD Oil. Also, since this is being used for animals, both on food and directly into mouths, the glass dropper, although beautifully designed is a danger. The dog or cat could realize they’re going to get a mouth full of oil and snap their teeth down onto glass. Then you have a whole new set of nightmares.

  7. R. V. Davis

    Since I came upon this our dogs are much more satisfied. The older Beabull moves more easily and the younger Beagle mix has less panic attacks. My vet even recommends! Thank you so much! They love the taste and take directly from the dropper!

  8. Gfanhern

    I have an older German Shepherd with arthritis. She’s also terrified of storms. I bought this product to help with both. I feel like her pace has picked up on walks (a little over a mile) now that she’s been on the hemp oil for a few weeks. And while she’s still drools like crazy during thunderstorms, she doesn’t have to be glued to my side crying. I will continue to buy this for her achy joints. Oh, she will eat it mixed with her food, too. Other hemp oils I’ve tried had a strong odor and my dog picked around the hemp-soaked kibble. One warning – the bottle is very similar to my liquid stevia and I almost squeezed hemp oil into my coffee one particularly bleary-eyed morning. Beware 🙂

  9. James Shaffer

    My dog was having frequent seizures. We put him on medication prescribed by his doctor but after a few months the side effects had gotten worse and were not worth the risk. These drops have been a blessing to out Bruno! We are slowly taking him off the seizure medication and these drops are helping dramatically. He enjoys the flavor and licks the dropper clean.

  10. Scott V.

    I have a 16-year-old cat with joint problems also has irritable bowel syndrome I started using the hemp oil about two weeks ago and after the second day he he was back to his old self! No more pooping all over the house, he was jumping on everything. I’m so happy!!! Thank you!

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