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Hinterland Gold Label Hemp Oil Softgels


Hinterland Gold Label Hemp Oil Softgels

(10 customer reviews)


25mg Capsules for Pain Relief, Anti-Anxiety, Less Stress, Better Sleep, Organic USA Grown Hemp, 30 Count, 750mg per Bottle



10 reviews for Hinterland Gold Label Hemp Oil Softgels

  1. Kathy Fairchild

    I have been using this product for over the last 3 months! I like this particular because it’s a gel capsule which I prefer! I have Osteo Artists in my spine and all my joints. I have fibromyalgia and an anxiety and depression! I was getting ready to place an order for 2 new bottles until I saw the price has gone up considerably almost $10.00 per bottle! That’s not fair! I had given it 5 stars and I’m now giving it 2 stars due to the price increase 😱😱😱

  2. Michelle Laycock

    Have just begun using this particular brand of CBD oil. Have used another, more expensive brand, for 30 previous days…want to compare this brand to that, so can’t fairly review yet, though appearance is identical to more expensive brand. Using for chronic musculoskeletal discomfort and anxiety. Definitely provides a deeper sleep.

  3. Don Anderson

    My wife is using this for her anxiety and it does seem to calm her. She is only taking one capsule daily and hasn’t used it for a full month yet. Would recommend this product.

  4. T. L. Duffy

    I needed a guaranteed pure hemp oil product. I wanted one from Colorado. This product is a good strength (25 mg per little gel capsule), reasonable price. I have repurchased them.It’s really important to me to know who is selling the product , too. The Gold Label CBDs are just what I was looking for. ♥️

  5. Christine Gresko

    The gram amount and product is great. I have neuropathy pain from two melanoma surgeries, arthritis and restless legs.

  6. Nana B

    I like how it made me feel.Helped me to rest better more calming effect.

  7. Eunice F. Wachtveitl

    Originally, I tried this product for pain. I had been to the doctor and for x-rays that showed no damage to my hip that would cause pain but pain was so severe I had to resort to using a cane and ordered a walker. Due to peptic ulcer attacks, I cannot take products with aspirin. Three days after trying CBD oil, I was able to walk pain free. Now I just take a capsule at bedtime and remain pain free and sleep well. (I am 84.)

  8. S. Stillman

    If you have need something for sleep and relaxation, this is your product. I have trouble sleeping, my mind is active when I lay down to sleep. This product helped calm me down and I got some good sleep. Seems to help.

  9. Noriko H McGann

    Easy to take. Extremely helpful for chronic back pain.

  10. ballparkmomma

    I bought this product for all the hype to help with sleep, decrease pain and decrease anxiety. I could honestly not tell if it did anything at all. I tried increasing the dosage and NOTHING. It certainly was not worth the money in my honest opinion.

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