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Hemp Oil - Organic Drops for Pain Relief


Hemp Oil – Organic Drops for Pain Relief

(10 customer reviews)


Stress Support, and More – 1 Oz – 30 ml – Bloom Wellness



10 reviews for Hemp Oil – Organic Drops for Pain Relief

  1. Elena V

    Super excited to have found this products because it works better than the $60 gummies my husband bought here locally!

  2. Christene Avalos

    This oil has done wonders for my anxiety! I use it sublingually as suggested and start to feel better in minutes! The flavor is not my favorite but not horrible and totally worth it for the benefit! I will be buying this again!

  3. Anna Amor

    Generous sizing for this one and personally it’s hard for me to swallow things so I mix it with my fruit smoothies and it makes it a lot easier to get down. I’ve been dealing with extra stress lately and everyone is on the hemp oil wave so I decided toTry it out. The price and size was right and I’m satisfied

  4. Rochelle Romero

    Awesome product! I’ve tried several oils before but I feel like none have worked quite like this. This replaced my everyday hemp gummies for my anxiety. It works like a charm!

  5. J

    I really liked the energy this product gave me. It was relaxing and energetic at the same time

  6. danielle

    I wanted to give this about a week of using before I reviewed to compare it to my old product. So far I’m noticing no difference in quality! The con to this one over the other is the amount of a dropper I have to take is more and they didn’t have a flavored option. Overall I think it may be a bit more effective as I have held my life together with less stress and anxiety with the time change!

  7. Missy

    CBD/Hemp oil is wonderful. I am less stressed and I’m not suffering from insomnia. I am up less often during the night. I know it may take a while to help me out with my other issues like Diabetes and high blood pressure. I take so many man made prescriptions and I’m hoping this will get rid of half of them soon. Over time may be all of them. So happy and I’m recommending this to everyone!

  8. Amanda O

    I love this hemp oil. It’s helped me feel a bit less inflammation and pain. Easy to swallow too and neutral taste. Also great price. Definitely recommend!

  9. aoj

    So many benefits to Hemp oil! This product definitely delivers!

  10. Kristin Hammontree

    I have been noticing a pretty decent difference in the way I feel some days using this daily .. so far, so good!

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