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Hemp Oil Drops 80000mg, 100% Natural Extract

Hemp Oil Drops 80000mg, 100% Natural Extract

(10 customer reviews)

Anti-Anxiety and Anti-Stress, Natural Dietary Supplement, Rich in Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids for Skin & Heart Health,Vegan Friendly



10 reviews for Hemp Oil Drops 80000mg, 100% Natural Extract

  1. Kirkcooks

     I really expected it to taste horrible but it’s kind of a cross between peanut butter and sesame oil

  2. Devera Lucia

    What a great product. I purchased this product hoping it would take away the painful Arthritis in my hands. I was wearing 2 copper and magnet bracelets and a copper ring on my thumb, trying to alleviate the pain. Now after about 3 weeks of taking thisproduct I have been able to remove the copper bracelets and ring. I am pain free this is a wonderful product for me. I have also been giving this to my husband for the pain in his feet and to my puggle dog that has been having problems walking. Both my husband and dog are no longer in pain and my dog is walking like hes a young pup again. This is a Great product I would recommend this to anyone that wants to have pain free days. It has a great little nutty taste and is easy to consume.

  3. Nicko Sebree

     This product really works in relief. Will be buying mire

  4. Delisa Gonzalez

     Just started using product. I feel it has helped with sore muscles, and have felt great while I have been taking it.

  5. JFelcon

     We bought this for my dogs. One has bad depression anxiety and on top of ruining things by chewing will pee on the floor out of spite when left alone. I didn’t realize until the bottle ran out how much it actually worked and immediately purchased again. While watching ok the camera they are so much more calm and no accidents or chewed pillow. Works great for us!!

  6. the4nadeaus

     Works good for pain and sleep

  7. Michelle Trulin

     This is a good product. Works well, has a mild flavor. Would order this product again. My dad uses it a lot because he has bad back pain.

  8. Ana Drake

     As mentioned in my video it fixed my tmj problem. Cbd is not my favorite flavor, but I fixed it by adding essential oil mint. Everything was great after that.

  9. MrRob59

     I suffer from chronic back pain and a neck fusion This has helped me to get off morphine and i cut down to 4 pain pills a day ! But idk if it’s as good as cbd-oil because every month the mg changes 1K 2K 5K 10K 20K Now there at 80,000 mg So i’m going try the 80, vs 20, soon as my last order arrives Then vs. the cbd oil then i’ll report back !

  10. Amazon Customer

     Rest and sleep

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