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Hemp Oil Capsules 5000 MG


Hemp Oil Capsules 5000 MG

(10 customer reviews)


Efficient Pain, Anxiety & Stress Relief – 100% Grown & Made in USA – Premium Hemp Oil – Anti Inflammatory – Ideal Omega 3, 6, 9 Source – Sleep, Mood & Immune Support



10 reviews for Hemp Oil Capsules 5000 MG

  1. BunnyD

    I am in a good deal of pain after having a torn tendon in my hip repaired. It’s more than Tylenol can handle, and I don’t have morphine receptors (a blessing and a curse). I’m taking these Hemp Oil capsules so I can have a normal life. First I’ll tell you what they don’t do.They don’t make me foggy headed. They don’t make me tired. They don’t make me feel tingly or numb. They don’t make me feel 10 feet tall. They don’t taste bad. They don’t upset my stomach,and they don’t make me miserable and constipated.Now, I will tell you what they do.They turn the volume down on the pain. Without anything, my everyday pain is a 6-7 out of 10. I take 2 of these and my pain goes down to a 2-3. I take 2 pills, 3 times a day on a normal day. IOn a bad day, I will take 3-4 pills 3 times a day. Either way, I get to live my life and enjoy it! I can drive, walk, and dance with my husband. I feel normal.

  2. Nina_Kygirl

    I bought this product to ease my mood and help with my joint inflammation. I am not much of a pill person but this has helped me with some stress and my joints don’t hurt as much as it was. I will be sharing this with my mom for her knees.

  3. Wish

    I don’t suffer from any chronic pain to be able to judge it’s pain killing possibilities. However it does work if you need to mellow out, reducing stress and anxiety. It doesn’t make you sleepy, but relaxed enough that if you’d take it at night you should get a good night’s rest like I have.Everyone is different so I make no promises to anyone but to some, this might be what you’re looking for to help deal with stressful days and sleepless nights.

  4. DP

    I have been taking these for 4 days and I can not tell anything has really changed. I will update if anything actually changes

  5. Michael H. Gore

    I just got this today; I took one pill thus far and went to dinner; I have to say the effect was very subtle- but I did feel a sense of calmness; and I could swear my eyesight got sharper within 2 hours- and my sight is a bit of a train wreck; I have issues with my dominant arm- my left arm- pain issues; if there is any less pain; I can’t tell if it’s real or psychosomatic; but let me be honest- one pill at the onset is only one pill. There may be a blood saturation- or possible build-up effect over time. I just took another- this time I separated the capsule – which was very easy to do- just twist capsule to separate and pour contents into a non-alcoholic beverage- I did sweet iced tea- and there was no after-taste- I state for legal purposes that I emptied the capsule contents into a drink- I’m not stating this is recommended or advised- so the jury is still out- but there seemed to be some slight positive effect with my first pill- and I could swear my arm feels slightly better; I don’t think CBD oil is going to be for me; CBD is expensive; hemp capsules are on a price spectrum; this product caught my eye and I’m feeling good about it; the price is reasonable and you can take 2 per day for 2 months with one bottle; I also live in the South and it is May 28th- which means I was concerned about getting a bottle that was a melted capsule mess; this was not the case; it was packaged in that plastic Amazon pillow envelope and sat on my front porch in 85 degree heat for 2-3 hours and was perfectly fine; the capsules were not at all affected; I’m going to follow-up this review in 5-7 days.

  6. Angela Dowling

    Recently I discovered that I had severe arthritis in both knees. I have been using an essential oil regimen daily because the doctor ordered no more anti inflammatories. I ordered these and they arrived yesterday. I had woken up yesterday with some pain in my right knee and when these arrived I took one capsule. Last night when I went to bed the pain was gone. Still gone this morning. I’ll definitely be adding these to my daily regimen. Amazing!

  7. Michellejacks

    It seems to work great, i take 2 a day and have much less painI will buy this product again

  8. Ed M.

    Tried it for back pain, knee pain/inflamation and insomnia.NOTHING!….returned product.

  9. Taylor

    So far this product seems pretty great. Everyday I take it I feel as if I’m able to focus on my days tasks much easier and like I even have a bit more energy. It has also helped me sleep much better at night which is awesome! As far as using it for anti inflammatory or pain it doesn’t seem to help too much with that. But other than that it’s a great product

  10. Carole

    I don’t know what some of these reviews are for but this is for the Hemp oil capsules. I have joint pain but can’t take anti-inflammatories, this has helped with the joint pain and anxiety, not in a drastic way but as a calming effect.

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