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Hemp Oil Capsules 1000mg


Hemp Oil Capsules 1000mg

(10 customer reviews)


Hemp Oil Softgels :: Hemp Oil for Pain Relief, Anxiety, Stress Relief, Mood Support, Skin Care (1000mg Total, 30mg per Gel, 34 Count, 30-Day Supply): R+R Medicinals



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R+R Medicinals

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R+R Medicinals

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10 reviews for Hemp Oil Capsules 1000mg

  1. Ken

    When hemp (or CBD) first hit the mainstream, lots of folks, myself included couldn’t wait to sample the many products available. From topicals to gel caps, extracts and tinctures, hemp held the promise of the potential many of us naturalpath thinking folks knew it could. My wife was skeptical, thinking hemp/CBD products were straight up weed – NO! Non-hallucinogen properties, only anti-inflammatory and calming properties. She then willingly tried some for chronic pain she has in her neck – and no, I don’t mean me!After trying a couple different brands and potencies, including a topical lotion, i was still wondering what the hype was all about. Then I found an Amazon review of R+R’s 25mg hemp gel caps that stuck in my head. “This brand and potency has worked the best of everything I’ve tried” (paraphrased). OK, let’s give it shot. The guys at R+R (USMC vets out of Colorado) recommend you give the product a week to see if it works for you. I needed 3 days. I take two 25mg gel caps at bedtime and it’s off to deep restful sleep. Easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, go back to sleep after being awakened, you get the picture. Bedtime is the only time I take it, so really couldn’t say what the effect would be at 1 in the afternoon.Go to their website and take a look at their manufacturing practices, impressive. This is the brand I’m sticking with, and have just placed another order! Well done gents – Semper Fi !

  2. Caleb

    “I was really not expecting much from this, but after reading the reviews, I had to try this hemp oil for sleep. I’ve been taking one a night about 30min before bed, and after the fourth day, it really kicked in. I’ve been sleeping better than I have in years. This is the best hemp oil to get! I also like that this company is trusted, local, and everything is Colorado based.”

  3. Dick Rosenkjar

    Your product is the first of its kind I have tried. I worked my way up to 4 a day and found after 40 Years of extreme pain including fibromyalgia and many surgeries my pain had virtually disappeared. The only piece that is left is the small 2 inch length around my lower spine. This treatment is truly a miracle and I hope it lasts.I tried to look for a stronger dosage and Amazon did not have anything more of your product than what I bought so I went to my local health food store and bought 35 milligrams. I’m a bit surprised as to how much it costs, $67, but the 35 milligrams was better than the 25 mg. Do you make your product in bulk and do you make it in 35 mg? Try to look your store up on the internet and I cannot seem to find it.I am also on three oxycodone and 6 tramadol a day. I will be titrating down from both these drugs over the next few months. I hope the effect of the CBD lasts even without the narcotics. I do realize that I might have to raise the milligrams of the CBD and I’m prepared to increase the dosage of the CBDIf there is any way you can meet my needs please let me know.RegardsSerina

  4. kirstie

    I suffer from severe anxiety and have tried a lot of natural remedies, but this product has almost immediate results. After taking them for a week or so, I learned the following..My sleep has increased significantly overall. I am sleeping through the night from day 3 of taking them.My anxiety only see’s IMMEDIATE results lasting for a couple hours. But if I take them throughout the day, it seems to be more dragged out, which has been successful.

  5. Can

    Experiencing a stretch with such positivity and stress relief from both kind people and natural assistance has made us better! I truly believe that this extract helped me keep going when my husband had a brain aneurysm and our situation remains positive as we heal in all directions. I know that taking this hemp oil is contributing to my productivity in a great, helpful way! I am really grateful!

  6. Anthony Stickler

    Not seller’s fault, but for those in hot climates, be aware that these softgels can clump together in the heat during shipping, which happens time to time here in Arizona. Sometimes a hard whack on the bottle loosens them free, but these fused together. I simply returned the product for a refund and stated that the product was damaged during shipment as my reason. I was refunded and then just ordered a different one. If you want to avoid the potential heat clumping all together, I’d try their dropper bottle instead, until it’s fall and cools off. Aside from that, the softgels actually work. This is the best hemp oil for sleep I’ve tried, and the better sleep means that I’m more energetic and have improved mental and physical stamina throughout the following day. I do need to take it consistently, I’ve noticed, to get regularly excellent sleep.

  7. Ferngnomie

    I suffered from insomnia as well as restless leg syndrome. After taking this for about 3 nights, literally my legs calmed down and I have been able to sleep. I mean a nice deep sleep. Best part is, I don’t wake up groggy. I feel alert and extremely clear headed the next day. I did my research on companies and have found R+R Medicinals to be absolutely fantastic. I use the softgels and just keep them in the fridge as they need a cool dark place. I purchased 750mg and so far it seems to be just what I need. Very thankful for this product.

  8. John Christy

    I am a returning customer of this product. It works and I will continue to use it. My pain has subsided to the point I can walk again without pain in my hip and legs.

  9. Kort

    I’m a loyal, repeat R+X customer. I don’t know if that makes me biased, but I’ve never been let down by their products. Medicinal hemp oil offerings from other companies either haven’t met my expectations or truly disappointed me. I first ordered their 15mg softgels nearly a year ago. When this 30mg version was introduced, I had to give it a shot.In softgel form, it requires a little longer to take effect. A company rep suggested I have one before dinner and that by bedtime I’d be more than ready to snooze away. He was right! There is definitely added potency to to this 30mg formulation, but it comes on slowly. I sleep soundly and wake refreshed the next morning. I sometimes have trouble sleeping through the night so I’m ecstatic about this. The other health benefits for skin, hair, joints, muscles, mood, stress, and heart are icing on the cake.I usually prefer R+R Medicinals’ tincture as it is faster acting, but this is good if you don’t need to feel it right away. It doesn’t have the effects of the THC variety, but it does mellow me out. You can also chew and extract the oil from the softgel if you want to get it in your system faster, but unlike the minty tincture, these taste strongly of “hemp”. I like it, some may not. If you are going to try a medicinal hemp oil product, I recommend going with this reliable company.Here is my original review of the 15mg softgels as all of it still applies.————May 21, 2018 – I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Hemp Oil supplement. Would it be snake oil, or would it be an amazing oil that really lives up the its claims? I’ve heard a lot of hype regarding this type of product so I decided to finally “get my feet wet”. These Premium Hemp Oil Softgels from R+R Medicinals are an affordable, low dose introduction. The gelatin capsules aren’t vegetarian, but the rest of the product is supposed to be pure and cleanly extracted from the plant.I often have issues staying asleep through the night. I started by taking one the first night I received my bottle. I didn’t notice much of a difference in my sleep patterns and the next day I took two in the morning. My job can be stressful like those of many folks, but this day I was able to handle what was thrown at me with equilibrium. That night I took another two before retiring and slept like a log. I still woke up, but fell back asleep right away. I spoke with a very helpful representative from the R+R Medicinals company, and he indicated that it may take time for benefits of the hemp oil to fully assert themselves. I’ve continued to take them daily and have noted that I’ve been able to maintain a positive mood, handle stress better, and sleep deeper and longer at night. Hemp oil won’t necessarily help you get to sleep, but it can help you stay asleep. One minor drawback I’ve noted is that lately it has been hard to get out of bed in the morning. I’m not groggy, just very relaxed and comfortable in bed. Before I would have racing thoughts about all I needed to get done that day, so would be out of bed before the alarm.I would say that “Best Hep Oil…” does deliver on its listed benefits. My skin and hair and in good shape — probably from the Omegas as well as reduced stress. The only thing I can’t speak to is pain/joint ache relief, but I wasn’t experiencing that before anyway. It is available in larger dose soft gels if you prefer, and also in a sublingual tincture which I hope to try next. R+R’s Hemp Oil has made me a believer!~ Kort

  10. Health Nut

    Sleeping better but still waiting to see how much pain relief. I have had hives on neck not sure if I’m having a food allergy or smoke in polluted wildfires have triggered something new or if I’m having reaction to this. I went through 1 bottle lower mg. now upped to the higher mg. Bottle

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