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BarkBox 250mg, 1oz Natural and Organically Grown Hemp Oil for Dogs and Pets


BarkBox 250mg, 1oz Natural and Organically Grown Hemp Oil for Dogs and Pets

(10 customer reviews)


For Anxiety, Hip and Joint, or General Pain Relief – 3rd Party Tested, Grown and Extracted in The USA



Product Description

Bark, dog toys, dog treats, dog gifts, dog supplements, poop bags, dog beds

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is made of organically grown whole plants, grown in Colorado, and is non-psychoactive. It comes in 100mg, 250mg, and 500mg varieties, and can help with pet anxiety and pain relief. Dogs and other animals who may have arthritis, inflammation, hip and joint pain or hip dysplasia, and who may experience stress or anxiety during thunderstorms, moves, car rides, etc. may benefit from taking hemp oil with their food, treats, or directly from the dropper. We recommend that you speak with your veterinarian before deciding to give your dog any supplements. Dosage suggestions for different sizes and conditions are outlined in the image above.

CBD for dogs, full spectrum hemp oil, hip and joint, arthritis, inflammation, senior dog

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organic hemp oil, pet anxiety relief, dog anxiety relief, thunderstorm treatment

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Bark, dog toys, dog treats, dog gifts, dog supplements, poop bags, dog beds

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Bark, dog toys, dog treats, dog gifts, dog supplements, poop bags, dog beds

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January 19, 2019

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4.3 out of 5 stars

57 customer reviews

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4.3 out of 5 stars



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10 reviews for BarkBox 250mg, 1oz Natural and Organically Grown Hemp Oil for Dogs and Pets

  1. B. Campbell

    I tried on my hyper vigilant dog but was nervous about giving her anything. I didn’t notice a huge difference, but I used a light hand with application so probably need to try again. She’s crazy and fun and energetic. All things I adore about her – but better if it dials back to 20 from 100 when I have visitors.

  2. Taylor Rea

    After reading so many positive reviews, I decided to try this for my 14 year old Australian Shepherd suffering from anxiety caused by dementia. At this point, I’ll try just about anything to keep him mentally and physically comfortable. He is prescribed Xanax and sleeping medication to cope with it, and i was hopeful it would have a similar (though likely less strong effect) to the Xanax. Unfortunately, i did not see any signs that it was helping after trying it several times.The reason it didn’t work for us could be because his anxiety stems from the dementia. Not for us, but was worth a try.

  3. Paula B. Shafransky

    I have tried a multitude of things to relieve my dog’s anxiety when experiencing noise like jet planes or fire works. He is on a medication called Clomicalm, but it’s not always effective. I ordered this CBD oil and have tried giving it to him episodically. It doesn’t take away his fear but it does help him regroup and bounce back more quickly than before. This dosage of CBD is very low, so it can be used with other medications.

  4. Betty C

    To clear things up – Hemp oil and CBD oil are NOT the same thing. CBD oil has up to 20% cannabinoids. (No cannabinoids do not get you high, THC does) . It is the cannabinoids that are famous for reducing pain, inflammation, and reducing stress. Hemp oil, is high in antioxidants, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, but contains no CBD. Wish I had looked closer at this before buying. I purchased for my very old dog who needs inflammation reduction. Look for a pet CBD oil. There are many good ones out there. This is not one of them. You want CBD oil, not hemp oil.

  5. Sazie A

    This is a difficult product to review, as I don’t know whether it is helping my dogs or not. I’ve been giving it to them for a couple of weeks and so far don’t actually see any difference. However, as animals, by their very nature, hide their pain and discomfort, it is hard to know whether or not there is a change. I went with a neutral rating only for that reason but will update when/if I have a reason to! As far as the taste, I didn’t taste it but both of my doxies definitely lick it out of their dishes, so it can’t be too bad!

  6. arcflashlynn

    My dog has always had anxiety to varying degrees. I used this to help him because we were moving. It seemed to help a little but others made it seem like it helped their pups way more than it helped mine. He was still anxious and uneasy. He’s easily scared and that still happens. Maybe I should have got the higher dose formula? I’ll still use it but not sure if I’ll reorder this brand.

  7. GaiaLady

    I bought this because I suspected my dog was in pain. Since I have used (and am using) CBD for myself for pain, I know that it works. After a little adjusting of dosage, I’m using 5 drops once a day on his food. His energy and apparent ease of movement have improved and he’s back to his old self. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  8. Jackie

    This worked for my dog. I also recommended it to my friends’ dogs. They used it and it helps with all ages of dogs. It can help with anxiety, calming dogs, and has brought more movement and life to older dogs with pain and arthritis. Please read the description for all of the issues this can help. I highly recommend!

  9. K. M. McIntire

    I purchased this for my two anxious puppers. Both are easily excitable when visitors come to our home. One of my pups has car and groomer anxiety. I’ve given them a few doses to help with their anxiety and it seems to calm them without the drowsiness that their prescription anxiety medicine causes, which I love! I can always count on BarkBox for safe, great quality products!

  10. AGuyInNebraska

    The bottle was sticky when it first arrived and the inside of the packaging had absorbed some of the oil so I questioned the quality of the packaging but I cleaned it off and found it continued to leak, even just sitting on the counter oil continued to ooze out. Knowing that they can’t even seal a bottle correctly, who knows what kind of contaminants got into it and I can only imagine what conditions their production and bottling facilities are. On top of everything, it didn’t smell good so I tossed it without ever using. Spend a little extra, get true CBD from a better source.

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