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(2 Pack | 240 Pills) Hemp Oil Capsules for Pain Relief Anxiety Sleep Mood Immune - 3000mg

(2 Pack | 240 Pills) Hemp Oil Capsules for Pain Relief Anxiety Sleep Mood Immune – 3000mg

(10 customer reviews)

Best Natural Organic Hemp Seed Oil Powder Extract, Omega 3 6 9 – Anti Inflammatory Joint Support, Pure Hemp



Product Description

Hemp capsules can help alleviate pain, stimulate brain function and relax the senses

Hemp extract capsules can help with pain management and sharpen memory and focus

Pure hemp supplement works to improve eyes, skin, intestines, bones and joints

Hemp cbd pills is given in 300mgs per bottle which means 6000mgs total

Hemp cbd pills is given in 300mgs per bottle which means 6000mgs total

120 Day Supply

Unlike competitors, we offer 3000mgs per bottle which means 6000mgs total with 25mgs per serving. Double the amount of dosage and supply makes our Hemp oil a premium yet value for money aid for getting pain relief.

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Natural hemp capsules is thoroughly researched and tested to deliver best result possible

10 reviews for (2 Pack | 240 Pills) Hemp Oil Capsules for Pain Relief Anxiety Sleep Mood Immune – 3000mg

  1. Patty

    So far, I am very pleased with this product. I have been trying this product to address issues I have dealt with for many years now. With laws the way they are right now, I am very pleased to be able to pursue this course of treatment, which is mainly anxiety, mild panic attacks…… I still can say for certain, but the CBD method seems to be working for me. And I’m going to continue on this path of addressing my issues, as my doctor would, if laws allowed him to.The product was shipped as I expected, packed well, and delivered on time. The cost factor is also appealing. After researching products, I have found something more affordable than I have come across so far. That will help to keep me loyal to the product. It is a very saturated, competitive field out there for this product, so if it works, and the price is affordable, I will buy it over other products, who wouldn’t? I hope as laws change, the cost will come down even more. And if you are wondering for yourself about using this kind of product for your anxiety, I would tell you to give it a try. Start off with a low type dose, and see what works for you.

  2. deborah l schimmelpfenning

    So far it’s been good, I’m on day 3. I suffer from insomnia and restless leg and I’ve been feeling great! Just have to say this was the best motivation to leave a review when I don’t normally! Thanks for the laugh and by the way, a video of this actually happening would be great!

  3. Betsy Ayala

    For right now I’m giving this product 5 Stars!! I am almost 65 years old. I’ve had two knee replacements, tons of autoimmune disorders. My knees started aching again. It’s only been six years. My hands always hurt… my big toes hurt…my legs ache at night. I’m on the gernetic brand of Cymbolta for fibromyalgia- which has worked for me. I’ve changed my eating habits and foods to organic and riding my stationary bike for excercise. Still having trouble getting to sleep at night and staying asleep. I just read up on oils for pain and realized what it really was. I asked my husband about IT and he started to laugh. “Well if it helps with all it says it does I’m taking it. I went on Amazon and low and behold there it was. After carefully going through each product I chose this one..Hemp Extract. When I got it three days earlier than expected I looked up the company and was very satisfied with what I read. I hah just eaten and thought “why not, I’ll take it now.” Within the half hour I was on my stationary bike and notice my hip not hurting. It usually hurts and I have to move to let up. Getting off it really hurts- but not today. My knees weren’t hurting either. I grabbed my thumbs ang gave them a little squeeze-nothing no pain…ok maybe jus a tiny bit but nothing like before. I just can’t believe this. I’m going to continue on and see how I sleep tonight. I was gonna wait but just couldn’t because of what is already happening. Why o why are the doctors not prescribing this. Do I dare tell mine? There is so much more going on with me too much to write. So I will certainly add more reviews in the future.

  4. Jo Ann

    Been using this for a week now and I’m no longer taking medicine for my pain or anxiety this product has worked wonders will be ordering it again.

  5. Wicked Sister 1

    I have been taking cbd capsules for some time and they have helped my mood greatly. However, I did not get any pain relief from them. I was paying $86.00 a month for 30 pills and it was a hardship but I felt it was worth it. I saw your pills on Amazon and thought for 5mg more than what I was taking it was worth a try. I fell awhile back and was in pain most of the time and within 1hr after taking the pill the pain diminished. I was amazed. I am blessed that I found these pills and would heartily recommend them to anyone with either affliction.

  6. Cathy C.

    I got an email from Jeremy who is from the seller, correct? Or Manufacturer? One in the same? I am not sure. Jeremy wanted to leave a review. So the dosage on this is super small. Serving size on the bottle says 2 capsules. Amount per serving (2 capsules) = 25 mg =12.5 mg of hemp extract per capsule. Take one capsule twice daily if needed, do not exceed 2 capsules daily. In my research of hemp extract and cbd oil, the studies being done with people, are using like 500 mg +/-. before seeing relief of their pain. For your product, Jeremy, I have taken both capsules at one time and honestly, I think my pain is too big for that dosage. I haven’t felt much relief, but that doesn’t mean someone else with a lesser, different pain won’t. Even though I have been doing research I am still confused on the difference between hemp extract and cbd oil. Different sites seem to explain it a little differently which doesn’t help my confusion. I read a question on one of the products and the answer was “hemp oil has no medicinal value” so hurray – more confused. lol So Jeremy- for myself , I think I would have to take a higher dosage to see if I get relief. Your bottle does say do not exceed recommended dosage. I am not advising or recommending to anybody reading this to exceed the recommended dosage and you should consult your physician before taking any medication.Addendum Review – You went from 3 stars to 5 Jeremy. I have Osteoarthritis in my hips and will need hip replacements at some point in my future. I have subluxing metatarsalphalangeal joints in both my feet and my fat pad in the bottoms of my feet no longer exists so walking, my heel and where my subluxing joints are, feels like I am walking on sharps rocks. I have bunions on each side of my feet big toes and pinky toes, although small, boy can they put out some pain. That is just for starters. I haven’t even mentioned my back or any other joints yet. So Jeremy, I did increase the dosage gradually until I got relief. I am just saying what I did for me and not recommending to anybody else to do this. I need to take 4 of these in the morning and 4 before bed, if I solely used this for pain control. But taking 4 all at once does give me that lower GI upset. I can take 3 and the 4 th one a little latter and avoid the GI upset. Not recommending to anybody else. So Jeremy, your company might want to come up with bigger dosages for those of us with bigger pains, maybe with some kind of GI buffer to avoid the upset. When I got to the right dosage for my pain, it did work, knocked my pain right outta the park. Consult your physician before taking any medication.

  7. sweet_coco94

    I’ve been taking this for about a week as recommended and I can already tell a difference. I’m sleeping much better, my joints don’t ache, and I’ve also noticed I have more energy. Totally recommend the product.

  8. thejenn322

    I bought this product for back pain and relaxation. The first night I actually slept, fell asleep and stayed asleep. And woke refreshed, can’t wait to see how I feel after a week.

  9. Mark Huston

    Helps a bit with nuropatthy. Helps also with my 8 spinal surgeries. I will buy it again. I was taking both hydrocodone and morapine sulfate 3 times aday for 15 years. They stopped helping so I got Dr to take me off all opioid use. I thought I would just die from the pain. Actually I did. This does really seem to work some. Make pain a bit more manageable. I would recommend it to a friend indeed.


    Taking too many medications for the pain, anxiety. The oil is easy on the tummy & it works. Recommend for all ages.

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